Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our First Day - Anzac biscuits

So we've started the recipe book!
Is it a success or just beginner's luck? We made the first recipe in the book Anzac Biscuits they tasted amazing the outer edge was not too crunchy and the middle was a bit softer. They were golden and as lots of people say it was "scrumdidilyumcious"!
And we now have a question: Why do you need to grease your baking trays and put baking paper on?
If you can help us out please write it in the comments.

Now here is a photo of our amazing Anzac biscuits.

Let's Get Started!

My name is Madeline and my mother's name is Lucia. Together we are following the Woman's Weekly, Old Fashioned Favourites recipe book. Each week we will make a different recipe according to the book. We will ask questions that we have found throughout the book and you may answer them and also you may ask us some questions which we will be happy to answer. Ok, we did kinda copy Julie and Julia the film but what the heck it's take 2.

Madeline and Lucia xoxo